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With the experience, the industry has provided us the knowledge to thrive and succeed, producing a vast range of premium pistachios and kernels. Our hand selecting process ensures that every pistachio you receive will be as faultless as the last. We are extremely proud to have a high customer satisfaction rate. We like to guarantee your shipment will be delivered safely and efficiently to your required destination

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Origin of Pistachios

The pistachio tree is native to western Asia and Asia Minor, from Syria to the Caucasus and Afghanistan. Archaeological evidence in Turkey indicate the nuts were being used for food as early as 7,000 B.C. The pistachio was introduced to Italy from Syria early in the first century A.D. Subsequently its cultivation spread to other Mediterranean countries. The tree was first introduced into the United States in 1854 by Charles Mason, who distributed seed for experimental plantings in California, Texas and some southern states. In 1875 a few small pistachio trees, imported from France were planted in Sonoma, Calif.

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Health Benefits of Pistachios

  • Post Exercise Snack
  • Heart Health
  • Weight Management
  • Blood Sugar Control
Post Exercise Snack

pistachios can help to meet the post excercise needs of casual fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Heart Health

Heart Health - Certain nutrients in pistachios may help with heart health, according to recent research.

Weight Management

Research suggest that pistachios may help to support a healthy weight.

Blood Sugar Control

Studies indicate that pistachios may help to maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

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